I would so recommend this class to anyone that wanted to ride! These people are patient and really know their stuff. Thanks guys! It was fun. 


Awesome thank you guys so much! Great class great instructors enjoyed it very much! 
Thank you again!


Just want to thank you and your wonderful staff I completed the motorcycle course today and am very pleased with the staff Norm and Joe are very patient and understanding of each individual's needs thank you again . I will gladly recommend this course to anyone. 

- Daniel Remington 2016-07-31

I just completed 2 days of Hell at ALMRE !! It was Hot and demanding and FUN !! 
What a Great Class ! You couldn't ask for better instructors than Bud ,Joe and Paul !! 
They will give you everything you need and More to get you ready for the roads on a motorcycle ... 
If your thinking about choosing a place to go to take your Motorcycle course ... Look no further ! 
This is the BEST program you will find in the state of Maine .. 
Thank you Bud & Joe for your patience and knowledge...I will carry the things i learned in your class with me every time i "properly" get on my bike 
and a Big thank you to Bud ! 
Your providing an amazing service to motorcycle enthusiasts in this State

- Rick Danzig 2016-06-23

I just completed 2 days of Hell at ALMRE !! It was Hot and demanding and FUN !! 
What a Great Class ! You couldn't ask for better instructors than Bud ,Joe and Paul !! 
They will give you everything you need and More to get you ready for the roads on a motorcycle ... 
If your thinking about choosing a place to go to take your Motorcycle course ... Look no further ! 
This is the BEST program you will find in the state of Maine .. 
Thank you Bud & Joe for your patience and knowledge...I will carry the things i learned in your class with me every time i

- Rick Danzig 2016-06-23

Excellent course, instructors were amazing,. Very personal and approachable. I plan on going over to the range or an open lot and continue to do some of the drills. Thanks!!!

- JON 2016-06-12

Hi Bud

It's been a little over a month since my class, and I just wanted to send a quick note to thank both you and Jason. I loved the class, and I realize every time I ride, how much I benefited from everything that was taught in class. So thank you!


- Rich 2016-06-09

I am so glad that I decided to take the BRC through ALMRE with Bud and Jason. They were incredibly helpful and encouraging to all students. There was a lot to learn in two days and they were very patient with us. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in riding a motorcycle.

- Deanna 2016-06-05

Had a great time, learned a lot, and would highly recommend this course and ALMRE.

- Anon 2016-05-24

I want to thank bud and Jason for the amazing experience this weekend !!! I not only had a blast but I learned alot !! I recommend this course to everyone !!! Thank you again !!!

- Darcie 2016-05-08

What can I say other than a great class all around. Bud and Jason were patient and knowledgeable instructors with great book and real life examples. As never having ridden a motorcycle the structure of the class was perfect with book work and tons of bike time. Crawl - walk - run!! Fair and honest in their assessments and always providing great feedback for each skill. HIGHLY recommend the course as a great starting point to build skills and confidence in riding.

- Jamie Logan 2016-05-02

I'm 52.have owned and rode many motor cycles.I hold a cdl liscence and have all my adult hood life.I didn't want to look over my shoulder anymore nor be at fault should an accident ever happen.even if it wasn't my fault.though I may have ridden alot I have to say I learned alot.my biggest issue was old habbits are hard to break.this is an awsome coarse wether it be for the beginer or someone who has rode many miles.the instructors made the class alot more fun and enjoyable then I thought it would be.I dreded it thinking. It would be boaring.it was a great experience.I would highly recommend them to anyone.thanks to everyone involved.ride safe.always remember to SEE.see,evaluate,execute.

- George w Dunn sr 2016-04-25

Great class (March 12). Highly recommend Bud and ALMRE. Flexible instructor that had to deal with a very diverse group of students and experience levels.

- Les McMonagle 2016-03-16

I recently took the eight hour permit class and I can honestly say it was very professional but at the same time bud kept it fun. I really appreciate how he was able to keep the younger guys under control so that the guys that came there to learn could do just that. I still feel like question 47 should be reworded but it's not my class and I got it right so it's all good with me.

- justin 2016-03-14

Recently I had the privilege to take an MMSEC class with A.L.M.R.E. I have taken many courses over the years and I can say that Bud C was excellent instructor! His ability to work with varying skill and knowledge levels simultaneously is commendable. And a fun, yet professional personality kept the class engaged through out the 8 hr training course. I can honestly say, every person in my group left this class a better, and safer rider. 5 Stars *****

- Anthony Treece 2016-03-13

I just took the feb 27 class that just gets you through the written test. As an older guy just getting back into the sport and from away shout out to the great Mainers who live here. The instructor was on point disciplined and relayed appropriately the rules of the road in a clear discernable way.Had a never ridden 19 yo next to me do better on the test . I did not know what to expect given I just googled where to go but was pleasantly surprised. I like and appreciate honesty and directness and that's what I got. Shouldn't expect less from a marine and cop combination. The instructor created a what is difficult to achieve a disciplined environment where openeness to opinion was validated. I expected grandiose opinions of Ive been there done that but got patience and understanding. Sure political correctness aside which I'm not a fan of anyway could put some off but I wouldn't change a thing as that clouds important points and looking forward to a refresher on how to ride with the hands on course with the discount to boot. So yes as good as it can be in a nanny world and certainly will recommend and worth the hour plus commute.

- Rob Mastroianni 2016-02-27

I would recommend ALMRE to experienced or first time riders. Bud and Bill did an amazing job teaching this course. Everything they taught was very clear and if any questions at all they would answer them so you would understand how and what to do. Demonstrations were very clear on what to do and how to do them. I took the class this past weekend and learned alot from both men. Thank you guys for a great experience and a very enjoyable class. Now that I have my license I can't wait to get on the roads and get some Mile's under my belt. Thank you again !!

- Matt P 2015-10-12

Gentlemen, thank you for a great experience. I decided to get back into Motorcycle Riding after a 30 year hiatus for the usual, marriage, kids, job, house, and life in general selling my KZ1100 in 1984. I considered myself a good rider and a safe rider. This class taught me that though I had "Some" skill, I was just lucky. This Class helped me break a lot of bad habits and I learned so much from it. I was in a serious motorcycle accident in 1982. I feel that had I had the training I got this weekend, that accident would not have happened. To Bud and Bill, thank you for showing me the "Patients of Job" and the guidance. Just so you know what I took away from this class was just how important the proper use of the Front Brake was. The Advantage of using the Clutch to control speed. The importance of being in First Gear at any stop. Though I failed to pass the Skills Test and get my License, it was money well spent and FYI...I just might be back next year, that is just how valuable I feel your work is and the help it gave me to be a better and safer rider. But if I do sign up again...can I get a bigger bike....lololol...ThankYou Both again for all the help and training. I would recommend ALMRE for any experienced rider looking to improve their skills and a must for any novice looking to hit the road. Good Luck and God Bless

- Calvin Shelton 2015-10-11

I went into this class with a fair amount of riding experience from my younger days, thinking I was a good rider. But was really pleasantly surprised. I learned a ton, broke some dangerous habits and feel much more comfortable about getting back on the road. The majority of the 2 days was spent on a bike, riding and learning. Great instructors, patient, giving continuous feedback to both help you get through the test and also make you a better rider. 
I'd highly recommend this class to any level rider looking to get your permit and riding endorsement. 

- Mike LaCarrubba 2015-09-16

thanks, gentlemen, I recieved great new riding skills, and appreciate the patience and time you took with every single one of us....I will put my new skills to good use....again, my thanks.

- kath 2015-09-07

I took the ERC Sept.23 and what an eye opener. I knew I would learn a few things, I did know that I would learn as much as I did. I put a lot of what I learned to good use just last weekend and I am glad I took the course,even though it rained all day. Bud and his other instructor had a lot of patience with me and my screw ups, but all and all the training was great and I had fun taking the class.

- Walter 2015-09-03

I took the ERC Sept.23 and what an eye opener. I knew I would learn a few things, I did know that I would learn as much as I did. I put a lot of what I learned to good use just last weekend and I am glad I took the course,even though it rained all day. Bud and his other instructor had a lot of patience with me and my screw ups l, but all and all the training was great and I had fun taking the class.

- Walter 2015-09-03

I took the ERC with Bud and the crew on August 23rd. I have read a lot of material on riding safely over the years and done a lot of riding, but this was the best experience that I've had in a while. There's nothing like practice to help you realize what you need to improve on to survive on the street. Practice makes you better, and I've got a lot of practicing to do. I just read an article that explains that if you knock down your own perception of your riding skills, you'll be better off. Taking this course has given me this better perspective. Bud and the crew can even make getting soaked in the rain worth your time. Thanks, Guys.

- Jeff Buschagen 2015-08-24

I took the ERC with Bud and Joe this last weekend. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I am very happy I took the class. I learned a few things I hadn't been exposed to prior to this, and it was a lot of fun !! Would recommend this course to anyone who hasn't had formal instruction in a while.

- Mark Jackman 2015-08-24

I recently completed the ERC with Bud and Joe in Auburn and loved it!! Bud and Joe were great at articulating and teaching while keeping things fun. Highly recommend ALMRE to anyone looking to help build confidence and/or sharpen their skills!

- Sue J 2015-08-24

I took my permit course with Bud and the ERC recently. What a great crew, facility and program. Bill, Bud and Paul are great instructors and get the points across. I would recommend ALMRE to anyone looking to ride or looking to improve their skills.

- Norm 2015-08-24

I just took the ALMRE motorcycle license course this past weekend at scarborough downs. Jason was my instructor and i cannot say enough good things about him and the course! i had no clue what i was getting myself into when i signed up and when i left i felt confident enough to buy a bike and went out the next day and did :) thank you Jason for being so patient with me and teaching me so much in such a short amount of time!! :) i will highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn how to ride. i have been telling all my customers at work how great it was! so again, thank you!!

- Joellen 2015-08-18

Had class this past weekend with Jason and Paul. Never been on a bike before and after the class felt very comfortable with the basics. The instructors were super helpful and gave everyone equal amounts of attention and help. Would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get there motorcycle license.

- Noah 2015-07-27

I took this class on 7/18 with Bill and Bud. What an amazing class !!! I went into the class with no knowledge of riding a motorcycle and was so afraid of shifting and turning but they made you feel so comfortable and helped every step of the way. I left there on sunday with a motorcycle license and a great appreciation of the bike and the road. Thank you so much to the 2 of you !!! Anyone that wants there License I highly recommend these guys !!!

- Todd Milne 2015-07-20

I went into the class having no riding experience and having no experience driving a standard car, so I was extremely nervous. Bud and Bill were very patient with me and helped me work through my fear. Shifting didn't come easily to me. By day 2, I resigned myself to walking away with my permit only, which I thought was the best I could expect. Thankfully, Bud wouldn't let me give up and really encouraged me at every turn. To my surprise, I actually passed the evaluation. I still can't believe it! I feel more comfortable now for sure but I need a lot of practice time before I hit the streets, but I am proud of myself for trying my best, through to the end. I am so grateful to Bud and Bill for all of their help and encouragement. I would recommend this class to everyone who wants to ride or riders who want to learn more about safety. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

- Lela 2015-07-20

They were great. Took the BRC course with Jason and Paul in Scarborough. Lots of fun. Great instructors, great program. They provide valuable feedback. While riding I often find myself referring to a lot of the tips they gave us. I'd recommend everyone take it through these guys!

- Michael 2015-07-13

Even thought I successful passed the BRC this weekend, I am well aware of my weal areas on the bike and will continue to working them, That being said, AWESOME class and is worth the money, Jason and Gloria are fantastic instructors who kept the class upbeat and fun while remaining serious about what we where there to learn. Bud ,they really do a great job teaching this class. 
I highly recommend taking this class if you want to learn to ride and know that you have been taught the skills you need to be a safe rider. Looking forward to a group ride with ALMRE, so i hope they plan to have one . THanks again

- Kevin C 2015-07-13

This course is well worth the money. Listen up and value Bud's time; it IS priceless.

- Jud 2015-07-08

This was a great class, and a lot of fun. Bud and Bill make a great team and really focus on the importance of breaking and control.

- Azmo 2015-06-18

I recently took the permit class., and want to say thanks to Bud for a great class! It was a lot to learn in 2 days, but we did it an had some fun too. I highly recommend this class.

- Janet 2015-06-16

This class was well worth the money. Very well put together with classroom time and bike time. The bikes were in good condition. Jason, one of the instructors, really knows his stuff. If I had one recommendation it would be to hire more instructors that are veterans. Very professional. Thank you guy!

- K. Ernst 2015-06-15

Extremely well put together class and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn to ride. The only improvement I could recommend would be a sign for the meeting area the first morning. I was one of the early birds who showed up and circled the parking lots looking for the meeting area. eventually I just parked until others showed up. Terrific class though and can not wait to be out on the road. Thanks Bud.

- Eugene 2015-06-14

Took the Permit Class with Bud. Awesome, straight forward to the point and a good time. Ive been riding for 3 years let my other permit expire. Learned it all again and a little more this time. Highly reccomend ALMRE to anyone looking for rider education!!Thanks Bud.

- Eric Roy 2015-06-13

I learned a lot, had a great time.

- Stuart 2015-06-11

What a class! Learned a lot, thought it would be a breeze, but I was wrong. Passed my eval, but had to work to do so. Riding is easy, but riding CORRECTLY is going to take practice. Bud and Bill were great, they made the class fun and informative. Can't wait to hit the road!

- Kerry 2015-06-07

Great 2 day course that offers a wealth of information. Highly recommend this course - you'll be amazed at what you come away with. Bud & Gloria are great instructors that are there to help you be a better/safer rider.

- James 2015-05-26

Yesterday I completed the BRC taught by Jason and Bud. If someone is wanting to learn the basics about riding a motorcycle and learning how to do it right this team knows how to do it. Combining everyday maneuvers and classroom time. The class was on the bikes getting hands on training the first day which was totally unexpected to me. The instructors will give encouragement and criticism depending on how you are doing on each skill. I feel I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the things they have taught me and the education and respect for the bike and road I received. Couldn't ask for a better pair of teachers n

- Ryan 2015-05-18

Yesterday I FAILED the BRC class at ALMRE - and it was TOTALLY my fault! I am so extremely disappointed in myself for making such a colossal mistake, but I'll be forever grateful to Bud & Jason for the knowledge and skills they imparted upon all of us during the course. The time and patience they spent coaching each and every rider to make sure we understood the skill/task was simply amazing. When you add to that their ability to relate the skills they were teaching us to real life scenarios where those skills could potentially save our life or someone else's, this class was totally worth it. 
Even knowing what I know now, that I was going to fail to get my motorcycle endorsement (got my permit though!), I wouldn't hesitate to take this course again and would recommend it to anyone. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a better and safer rider because of the incredible coaching by Bud & Jason. Thank you guys!!

- Sharlena Biron 2015-05-18

Today I passed the basic rider course at ALMRE! I'm really impressed with the way Bud and Jason ran the course. The classroom time was conversational and very informative. Every exercise they had us doing on the bike served the purpose of safety, handling, and building confidence. Not one minute was wasted, either in the classroom or on the bike. And I got to meet some really friendly people also taking the class! As far as I'm concerned, investing in this course was totally worth every penny, every minute, and every bit of effort! Thank you again Bud and Jason for helping me achieve a life-long goal!!

PS: I will absolutely be signing up for the advanced rider course once I get a bike and put a few miles on it!

- Kris Vokey 2015-05-17

What a great weekend!! I have NEVER ridden a motorcycle before. With the EXCELLENT instruction of both Bud and Jason I was able to pass the BRC class and get my license. They are extremely patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Go into the class expecting to be worked hard and to do things that you didn't physics could support...and most of all LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTORS!! They really know what they are doing and teach you in a way that will give you confidence in yourself. Thanks again Bud and Jason!!!!!

- Matt Drewal 2015-05-17

Graduate of the Class of May 2/3, 2015 
Practiced two hours yesterday on the back roads of Pownal, Durham, New 
Gloucester. Starts, stops, intersections, swerves, clean shifting. 
Intersections and private driveways are a real bitch in these rural 
areas. Narrow lanes, seldom clean surface, almost never at grade. Only 
blessing is lack of traffic. Took a nap.


- Fred F. 2015-05-14

Thank you Bud & Jason. Your class was very helpful in making me feel comfortable on my motorcycle. I am on the road and using all the skills you both have taught me. Except for the figure 8. Lol Sending people your way. All good things to say.

- Joline Fournier 2015-05-10

Had a great time yesterday taking the class at L/A Harley. Thank you. Well worth the price of admission!

- David Hamlin 2015-03-15

I have heard so much about your education that I want to recommend you guys further :) 
Motorcycle Gear

- lenny 2015-01-13

Thank you jason an pete i learned alot. This is class is highly recommended.

- Butch Ledger 2014-10-13

Thanks bud and tom I'm recommending this class to everyone I had never ridden a bike before and thoi a class helped expentially and the class cut my insurence in half

- Ken C 2014-08-07

Excellent Class! I decided to take the BRC before getting my license after riding on a permit for two years. The classroom time was well spent reviewing the principles of riding and the range time was invaluable to re-inforce proper techniques. Jason did an excellent job instructing in both of these areas. Thank You ALMRE!

- K. Decato 2014-08-04

Thanks, Jason, for a great class! I learned a lot, you made it really fun, and I've gained a lot of confidence. You were very encouraging throughout the class and your insights and feedback were invaluable. Thank you, again!

- Jennifer Smith 2014-08-04

Wow! I finally did it! Thank you Bud for your knowledge and your direction for operating my motorcycle safely. You helped me to build confidence and to gather the basic knowledge needed to ride safely. As you know, your "old school" approach nerved me up lol (I reference a nun in Catholic school smacking the students with rulers) lol however; the calmness and reassurance of the other course instructor Tom, was exactly what I needed :) The balance of "2 parents" or "good cop vs bad cop lol I feel that we all got the "best of both worlds" during class. Thank you again :)

- Nicole Bradley 2014-07-28

Thanks to Bud, Tom and Mark for a great learning experience! They were patient with the class and gave easy to understand instructions. I would highly recommend Bud and the guys!! 
Ride Safe...

- Steve B 2014-07-28


I wanted to thank you for the class this weekend. It was the first time I had ever been on a bike, and it is a great program for beginners. I will certainly be recommending your class to anyone who I know needs it. The instructors were very helpful and gave the entire class the encouragement needed to pass the exams. Please thank them for me. 

Again thank you it was a wonderful experience and I am excited about starting a new adventure in biking! 

David Mains

- David Mains 2014-07-15

Took the permit course with Bud and liked it. Good pace and useful information.

- Thomas Targett 2014-06-23

Took the class June 14, 2014 . Would like to thank Joe, Jason and Bud. They gave up thier Fathers Day week end .I would like to say to anyone that may be reading this. If your thinking about this class think no more ...DO IT !! I wish I had done this 30 years ago. I didn't know the first thing about riding or operating a motorcycle. These guy's are amazing . They go by the title instructors/coach...Thes guy's are much more.They take you from your first steps , to out the door running.Jason worked with us all week end Amazing young man.Really knows his stuff and knows how to teach it to others.Can't say enough about this ALMRE Team!! Thank You for open up this door , your on every ride with me . I had a great time , and came a way with so much. Thank You All ......See You on the Highway !!!!

- David McNally 2014-06-18

just took my permit class with bud. It was a great experience. I learnt a lot of things I didn't know. great class, thanks bud

- joshua givens 2014-06-18

Just finished the permit class. Great group. Thank Bud for making it enjoyable and fun.

- charles coleman 2014-06-18

Great course, Pete and Mike were terrific. Highly recommended for all who want to ride soon and safely. Worth every penny...I'm a 50+ rider with almost no prior experience.

- David 2014-06-16

I just finished your motorcycle class yesterday... I had started to learn to ride but then dumped it (my son was trying to teach me until he passed) and I put the bike away... Since he passed last year, I made up my mind to not let my bike 1200 sportster rot in the garage.... So I took the class.... the instructors were amazing... Joe was extremely nice and pleasant and when I did something wrong he told me but when I did something good he would ask "how did that feel?" and he would praise... Pete was great too but intimidated us girls some all 4 of us girls own 1200 sportsters but he was stearn, he wanted us girls especially to understand and "get" it.... On Sunday Gloria came and she was great as well... She was great at getting us girls to look, listen. She was very hands on just as Joe was all weekend... Although I passed the written with a 98 I passed the driving part with a 14 I knew I could have done better alot better, but it was a hard, emotional day for me being Mother's Day and my only child gone... but I was happy passing... I did go away with the fact at this point in time, I feel my "Sportster is a little to big for me at the moment". I felt really comfortable on the Honda Rebel and have decided to purchase something like that to ride around town (I live in Poland) plus I told Joe what I planned to do to get my experience on a smaller bike before getting on my Sportster.... I am going to go for the comfort and to learn more and get more experience before getting on the heavier bike.... 
It was a great course... It was grueling at times but we all had a good time considering none of us knew one another...Sunday was a little hard for me considering it was Mother's day but I made it through the course not only for my son (who I hope is proud of his mom for completing the course) but for myself. I have already found a lighter, smaller bike to buy and hope to be riding and get better in my skills for riding.. 

Great instructors..... Awesome... 

- Terri Brown 2014-05-12

I have had no previous riding experience. The first day getting on a motorcycle, I didn't think I was going to be able to ride. It was very uncomfortable. By the end of the second day, you will realize you can ride and do it safely. This class is very intense, the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and the program makes you THINK. It's a great program and I highly recommend it. Thanks guys.

- Joe Correia 2014-05-08

Wonderful course and instructors, I would recommend to anyone. Learned a lot and had fun doing it.

- Kathrine M. Christ 2013-10-04

I completed this course with my daughter Amanda Lord on 08/17/2013-08/18/2013 and I have to say this was one of the best experiences I have had. I would like to thank Pete and Bud for their patience and expertise! We are happily riding!! Thank you guys!!

- Lori L. Lord 2013-09-13

I just finished the course this holiday weekend. My instructor was Jason, who is fabulous. The course is awesome, very informative and a lot of fun. I would recommend anyone and everyone to take this course. You truly learn tons and have a blast doing it. I think one of the greatest learning points for me was the time we spent actually riding. You wont go wrong with the class.

- Kelley Ace 2013-09-02

I took the course with Bud and Pete in the summer of 2011. It was a blast! I learned a lot and received my license in two short days. I'm now considering the advanced course to discuss some of the experiences I've encountered on the road. Thanks almre!

- Mike Nelson 2013-08-18